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A couple of months ago I left my position at SanDisk to join a hush-hush stealth startup. The experience has alternated between feeling weird, and the most normal thing in the world. Weird when friends and former colleagues ask what I’m working on and I feel like a shifty agent from a three-letter agency. “We work on, you know making things better.” Normal because this is the valley and stealth is just part of the industry.

I’ve always felt that this was the right move for me and so far it’s been great.

Today we are announcing the company to the world…

StackStorm Logo

StackStorm is an emerging leader of the third wave of operations automation. Built from the ground up with DevOps in mind, StackStorm’s vision is a world of self-driving data centers that learn over time how to better operate themselves. StackStorm solutions leverage existing configuration management and monitoring solutions to deliver automation that safely ties together today’s loosely coupled, heterogeneous, ever changing cloud infrastructures.

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