Early adopter reports on experience with LTFS

I have been working with Thought Equity Motion from very early in the LTFS productization effort. They amass very large data archives and their CTO, Mark Lemmons, was particularly excited by LTFS from a very early stage.

Last year at the IBC trade show, in Amsterdam, Thought Equity announced that they are building a multi-petabyte video archive for EyeTV using LTFS for data storage. It is gratifying to hear the success that Mark and his team have had working with LTFS.

“With LTFS from IBM I can literally integrate my global storage strategy.”

“[I]mmediate, tangible economic benefit from our LTFS deployments today.”

“Cost per GB reduced by 80%.”

“Without IBM’s LTFS technology, we’d be in a world of hurt.”

“High degree of flexibility. High degree of interoperability. [LTFS] It’s fantastic.”


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