leaving IBM

Today was my last day at IBM Almaden. I’ve been walking into the same building 5 days a week for about 9 years now. It’ll be weird to not do the same next week.

In my time here, I have shipped 4 different LTFS releases, numerous LTFS fixpacks, 3 LTFS Format Specifications, the first Information Archive appliance release, several internal projects, along with multiple papers and patents. I’ve worked with some extremely talented people and have helped an industry change the way they store and manage their data.

I will be taking some personal time before starting in my new role. I will continue posting my brain dumps about LTFS to capture as much information as I can share publicly. Over time I expect to post more about the new space in which I will be working.

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  1. Fernando Lopez says:

    What a shame you left IBM. Good luck in what you do now

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