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Early adopter reports on experience with LTFS

I have been working with Thought Equity Motion from very early in the LTFS productization effort. They amass very large data archives and their CTO, Mark Lemmons, was particularly excited by LTFS from a very early stage. Last year at … Continue reading

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Tape Partitioning and LTFS

Tape partitioning has been introduced over the years to a number of data tape products. Generally, this partitioning support has been under-utilized, or not-utilized by users and applications. For example, DDS tape has supported partitioning since DDS-2 released in 1993. … Continue reading

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A filesystem for tape? Why?

Tape has been around forever[1. At least since 1951 starting with the UNIVAC 1. Certainly longer than silicon transistors and modern digital computers.]. Generally, there has been no change in the way that people and applications work with tape since … Continue reading

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Tape? Does anyone care about tape anymore?

Various friends and colleagues have been amused, occasionally stunned, but more often incredulous when I tell them that I am working on a project based on data tape. The commonly ventured opinion is that I should maybe think about working … Continue reading

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