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Create a FreeBSD 9.0 machine image under Linux

This is a guide to building a virtual machine image for KVM that runs FreeBSD with virtio drivers installed. Requirements: Download FreeBSD 9.0 install disk. Download virtio drivers for FreeBSD 9.0 from Notes: Commands and to be performed under … Continue reading

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How to install Windows XP on an external USB drive connect to an Apple MacBook

In August 2006, I posted instructions on how to install Windows XP onto an external USB drive to the forums. I’m reposting the instructions here so that this information does not get lost. Some notes on these instructions: These … Continue reading

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Rhapsody DR2

Apple acquired Next Software in 1997 bringing OpenStep into the Apple fold. OpenStep (and NeXTstep before it) was based on BSD Unix running on top of a heavily modified version of the Mach micro-kernel. OpenStep was used as the foundation … Continue reading

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